Painting without a brush blow painting

painting without a brush blow painting

Create some beautiful artwork with kids by blowing colourful paint across the paper using straws! A wonderful activity for toddlers and older.
Splatter painting can be even more fun because there are no lines restricting your The quick movement will throw the paint from the brush onto the canvas, and forcefully blow through the straw to transfer the paint from the straw onto the.
Make gorgeous drips and swirling designs with by paintings with straws. Once your child has had enough paint blowing, add a brush and invite him or her to.

Painting without a brush blow painting - even those

You may also like to join us on our Facebook page , or follow me on Pinterest , or RSS. I love how the picture turned out. There are two ways to do blow painting. Could be considered for community bonding event too. Great idea to make the straw shorter too. You can lay your canvas on a table, on the floor, mount the canvas to a wall, position the canvas on an easel, or even prop the canvas on a chair. Set up your canvas.
Thanks so much for visiting and for your kind words! For older kids, try dropping the end of the straw into the paint, then moving it to the page and blowing through the straw right away, rather than dropping the paint onto the paper first — effectively shooting the paint out of the straw with your breath. I bet you could do it with water and food coloring, too though. What kind of paint do I use? It will better prepare our kids to transform our country, and the world, in their lifetimes.
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