Policereports article Stamford cops sweep massage parlors .

Upon opening this article, I thought it meant the Sheriff was operating a brothel. He didn't think it was a legitimate " massage parlor," and waited outside . They're obviously sweeping it under the rug as fast as possible, I would like SPECIFICS, copies of police reports etc to back up your accusations.
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that is, once every 100 years — as is mentioned later in the article. The Voice regrets the error. .. STANFORD EDU . week in a police sweep intended to curb prostitu- tion at massage parlors. .. In police reports, the vic-. The victim suffered minor injury. Do you really think he would believe that story. MEMBERS: Tom Geary, Chairman Geary Gallery James D. Click below for the top news from around the Bay Area and beyond. There is no confirmation that Munks and Bolanos were in this years race, and they have refused to answer even that simple questiion, Were you in the race, and what leg of the race did you run? Travel site names the most beautiful town in Connecticut. Make your point without suggesting those who disagree with you need their head examined.

Policereports article Stamford cops sweep massage parlors . - Girl

But that does not seem to be quite enough for the Office of the District Attorney. Open mouth, insert foot.... Old Greenwich Social Club to Open Friday. The victims included Cabazon Indian Vice Chairman Fred Alvarez. If none of them have ever been involved with any such prosecution, I guess they are not hypocrites.
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