Positions of twins in the womb.

positions of twins in the womb.

I never really thought twice about the fact that my di/di fraternal twins You're going to get kicked in the ribs no matter what position they are in.
Balance first; fetal position (at 28 weeks and beyond) is one of the signs of balance or imbalance. Optimal fetal position isn't so much the goal of the activity as it  Sun, Apr 2.
Twins can lie in a variety of positions in the uterus and these positions can determine how your baby will be born. One baby will always be lower than the other. The marbles shift some. Baby A was frank breech and his bum was wedged down in my pelvis, so his head was kinda in the middle. Occasionally a baby may be lying across you. Twins can lie in any. In the final weeks, your babies will take up their positions for the birth. Always talk to your babies. 35 Weeks Pregnant positions of twins in the womb.
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